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The most compelling racing game online is Moto X3M. The gameplay, graphics, and number of stages in this racing game are all excellent. Pick a bike, and navigate obstacles and challenging terrain. Enjoy playing the Moto X3M game! Game challenges include steep slopes, spearhead wheels, explosions, and obstacles that are scattered around the rails.




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Moto X3M Bike Race Game


About The Game
A time trial bike racing game with difficult obstacles is called Moto X3M. There are 22 stages, each of which presents a unique challenge and gives you the chance to pull off some crazy dirt bike tricks. Put on your helmet, start the engine, and sprint to the finish line!

Playing the Moto X3M
Moto X3M involves a certain amount of trial and error as you maneuver around the different hazards that are offered by each fresh course. Errors, however, take time to correct and lower your final score.

Hints and techniques
Drive quickly but cautiously around any new obstacles. Each error consumes time and reduces the star rating given at the conclusion of a level. Make sure to fit flips in between big jumps so you can execute acrobatics to reduce the time on your final score!

Moto X3M contains 22 tracks. The tracks start out simple, but quickly become overrun with traps and other obstacles that slow you down. Due to the fact that you are paid dependent on how long it takes you to complete the trial, all of the levels are very replayable.

The Moto X3M levels you complete award stars that may be exchanged for two brand-new motorcycles. That gives you even more motivation to retry tracks in order to improve your time and win a new motorcycle!


22 levels with superb replay value
Various obstacles and challenges
Earn more stars for taking less time
Spend stars on new motorbikes

Who created Moto X3M?

The developer of Moto X3M is MadPuffers. In addition to all the Moto X3M games, they have created smash hit basketball games like Basketball Legends and Basketball Stars.

Moto X3M Specs

Release Date

May 2015





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